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Regulatory Notice

Applied Corporate Finance (ACF) or ACF Funding (ACFF) is not authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).  In relation to FSMA (2000) and subsequent revisions, This website does not constitute: arranging a transaction in investments, making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments, a financial promotion, or an inducement or invitation to engage in a controlled activity or investment. 

ACF or ACFF is not authorised to give investment advice. If an organisation applies for specific financing, such financing will, where necessary, be arranged by or with the approval of, a person or firm that is authorised by the FSA.


This website is aimed at persons who are either high net worth individals, sophisticated individuals, or professional investors (Investors), or businesses (SMEs) who are seeking to raise finance.  It is not accessible to retail investors. 

By pressing the 'I ACCEPT' link below, you acknowledge that

a) you are either a high net worth individual, a sophisticated or professional investor, or a SME seeking funding, and that you are not a retail investor.

b) if you are eligible for access to this website, you agree to comply at all times with ACFF's terms and conditions.


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