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Property finance*

Property and land can be financed whether for occupation, investment, refurbishment, development, or refinance.  Land may be agricultural (with restrictions), green-belt, or brownfield, and with or without planning consent.  Finance can be provided as bridging loans for short periods, or as commercial mortgages for longer periods, depending on your needs, urgency, and timescale.


A portfolio of 50 properties with a value of £5m was re-mortgaged at 80% LTV at a very competitive interest rate, generating substantial funds to acquire more properties.

New flats were bought at a discount to their true (market) value of 25% using bridging finance - in effect financing 100% of the purchase price. Following purchase, the bridging was refinanced with normal buy-to-let finance



A dentist surgery was expanded and fitted-out (to accommodate another dentist) with funding from a £45k 4 year term loan.

A publican was offered a 70% LTV loan to acquire the freehold.   Another lender was found offering a 90% funding.

A buyer seeking to buy a business was offered a loan of 50% LTV by his banker.

An alternative lender offered 85% LTV.


Property development

A private developer obtained 70% funding from a high street bank and 30% from mezzanine funding.

A publican wanted to build rooms to let (with planning consent) adjacent to the pub.  The bank was unwilling to lend further owing to trading losses.  The bank loan was refinanced and the extension financed in stages.

A property development company running out of funds on a £3m project was refused any more funds from its bank to help complete the development.  Solution: an additional £450,000 was raised against two of the nearly-completed units which provided the funds to complete the project. 

A restauranteur wanted to buy a 1.5 acre plot of green-belt land as an investment with the intention of selling it in 2-3 years with planning consent for residential development.  A loan at 50-60% LTV was offered in principle.

* The transactions described on this webpage were not arranged by ACF.