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Financial Training

ACF’s financial training courses are suited to employees or directors who need an introduction to corporate treasury management, financial risk, and derivatives.  At the personal level, ACF provides courses on essential numeracy skills and basic financial literacy.

ACF training blends theory with practice, and is delivered to you in a practical and clear style, enabling you to apply your knowledge immediately in your business. 

ACF's courses have been designed and delivered over several years and are characterised by their practical and clear approach based on a blend of financial theory and industry experience.
Corporate financial management short courses London
Introduction to the City short courses London

ACF’s courses are suited to you if you need to quickly understand and apply either specific or general finance topics.  They can be delivered on-site or at training venues, and either one-to-one or in groups.  Courses last from ½ to 5 days and can be designed to suit your particular needs.

Course feedback...

  • "The course and the tutor were great." [International Finance]
  • "I got an insight to the finance market...the tutor is very very good." [International Finance]

Course feedback...

  • “Course and tutor very good!”
  • “The students clearly have fun in the course...I found the session relaxed, stimulating but also challenging...”
  • “The course was very interesting.  I have learnt a lot about International Finance. I will recommend it to anybody that wants to learn about international finance.”
  • [Trainer] very nice and clear.
  • "very interesting and well prepared".
  • "very well structured"
  • " I just want to say the Lecture... was really helpful and I understood securitisation in a better way." 

Business Finance short courses London

International Finance short courses London

  • "very good introduction to the City-covered lots of topics from basic level, no prior knowledge assumed" [Introduction to the City & financial services Dec 2011]
  • "It was a really useful course and a great overview of the city, so thanks again for all your help" [Introduction to the City & financial services Dec 2011]
  • "It's been a great learning experience and understanding in a short course as the tutor helped us to learn the fact and basic of course easily and how it is related in practical use" [Bank financial management Dec 2011]
  • "Excellent course tutor, couldn't have asked for more.  I wish there's an extension to this course or a course that enables students to study banking more in depth.  Course tutor is excellent in summarising very complex concepts, putting jargon in lay man's terms, and making ideas much easier for understand. I genuinely wish and hope that this course tutor will continue to teach this course. I also prefer a longer course duration to learn more about banking, money and finacial sector." [Bank financial management Dec 2011]
  • "Good structured course which allows you to understand the basic financial terms and fill the gap in finance." [Bank financial management Dec 2011]
  • "Very interesting and informative." [Bank financial management Dec 2011]
  • "The course lucture[r] Dr Singh was a brilliant" [Bank Fin Mgmt Jun 2014]
  • " great experience. very pleased." [Bank Fin Mgmt Jun 2014]
  • " I would like to thank you for the course, it was very informative and I believe it has equipped all of us now with the necessary tools to read further on the topics we touched with ease, and be part of a world that initially seemed daunting. " [Introduction to the City & financial services course Mar 2015]
  • "Mr Singh doesnt [sic] do small talk with students on arrival or during the break, which I think hinders the class jelling [sic].  Icy silence reigns in the breaks.  However, from a teaching point of veiew [sic]- and thats [sic] what matters-i thought he was excellent." "Very informative.  But not very social."  Both from: Bank Financial Management course - Oct 2014
  • "Beyond my expectations. I learned a huge amount of very useful information." Bank Fin Mgmt 2015
  • "The course is suitable for all levels and covers all the topics in the syllabus effectively." Introdn to City 2015



































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  • “Excellent use of Powerpoint.  [the Tutor] took a great deal of care to ensure that he explained concepts...He explained jargon well”
  • “Good, in tune, keen, comprehensive.  Answers and invites questions”
  • "I liked the trainer's style.  Powerpoints and discussion is a good way of teaching a topic like this."
  • He is very well at teaching.  Also enthusiastic"
  • "He has a completely [sic] knowledge about the content of the course.  The explanations are good, he encourages people to participate in class"
  • "the trainer gave us a lot of examples and explanations"
  • "Permjit spent a huge amount of time answering questions, which was great and whilst evenings could feel slightly disoriented it worked really well with such an inquisitive group...Good grounding in a complex subject...Competent tutor who was friendly and of interest...Have enjoyed the course...Gone from no knowledge of the subject to having a strong grounding, which is what I wanted" [Introduction to the City & Financial Services]
  • "I think he is very efficient, talented knowledgeable tutor...It is very helpful course to develop knowledge, Tutor is 100% dedicated to teach students [foreign student]." [International Finance]
  • "One of the best teacher in my life.  I can remember his help through my whole life.  All the best wishes to Sir..One of the best course offer in my study life.  I am very happy with that...Wonderful teacher and his valuable teaching.  god luck. [foreign student]" [International Finance]
  • "The presentation was clear and paid attention to detail on multiple topics.  Use of equipment helped to explain the topic...This is a great course if you want an understanding of business and finance.  The structure is concise and material is well selected and presented...I think the course is clear and all the topics are well defined.  I have learnt a lot of new information that I could see as applicable in business...The tutor has delivered every class well.  I also think that there was adequate time for student participation where I could thorougly understand the topic" [International Finance course]
  • "The tutor's knowledge is perfect and he managed to transfer everything well to the students" [International Finance]
  • "It is a complicated subject and I thought Permjit was really good, explained well when we got lost and involved the class well also." [International Finance].
  • "I understood more about risks,... and how companies hedge their risks" [International Finance Dec 2011]
  • "It is an interesting program with updated topics and information" [International Finance Dec 2011]
  • "The topics addressed are interesting and helped me to expand my knowledge" [International Finance Dec 2011]
  • "It's a good course to improve your skills in finance" [International Finance Dec 2011]
  • "The course tutor was very good, he tried to give as much as possible during study however, as I's not enough time to get full idea about such big topic" (Bank Financial Management Jan 2012)
  • "I would recommend this course to my friends, it is a great way to learn about banking industry work in the UK" (Bank Financial Management Jan 2012)
  • "He is a great tutor for this course, very helpful person.  He is one of the great tutor I ever had" (Bank Financial Management Jan 2012)
  • "Had a great time.  A course really worth the time and money.  I enjoyed learning, and all the presentations were helpful by the Tutor" (Bank Financial Management Jan 2012)
  • "The course covers the basic stuff about banking.  It gives a taste about some of the risks banks face and what instruments it uses to prevent.  If someone wants to learn modern banking, it is indeed a great course to start" (Bank Financial Management Jan 2012)
  • "Course tutor Dr Permjit Singh was a good tutor.  He has vast knowledge about the field.  The way he discussed the topics and the diagrams and illustrations used in the class were really clear and helpful.  I had an overall amazing learning experience."(Bank Financial Management Jan 2012)
  • "Interesting course, a lot of course content.  Useful information and tips" (Bank Financial Management Jan 2012)
  • "The tutor really put the effort to explain students what they find difficult to understand.  he was very clerar in his speech and explanations.  I was really impressed by his teaching skills." (Bank Financial Management Jan 2012)
  • "The tutor has given high quality lectures and explanations.  Not everyone has great teaching ability and therefore I would definitely recommend the course.  I learnt really a lot!" (Bank Financial Management Jan 2012)

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