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Essential numeracy skills

This course will give adult learners the ability to understand essential numeracy skills that are a part of everyday activities and situations.  The course will aim for a standard of proficiency in adult numeracy that is up to or above the equivalent to Level 2 of the core curriculum.  Level 2 is the same level as Key Skills or NVQ Level 2, GNVQ Intermediate or GCSE grade A*-C. 

Level 2 is the highest level achievable for national standards for adult numeracy, however, the course assumes no prior knowledge, so it will be suitable for a wider range of adult learners.



  • earning money
  • shopping
  • travelling
  • organising an event
  • making a meal
  • taking medicine
  • paying bills
  • analysing performance
  • taking a chance
  • saving and budgetting

Dates and Venue: Please contact ACF for details

Prior knowledge required: None

Duration: 2 days

Available: In house and external

Cost: In-house, External: per delegate: please contact ACF for details

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