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Financial Writing

Producing written financial material requires careful choice of words to ensure your message is communicated clearly and effectively to your target audience.  ACF can draw on:

  • over ten years of experience and technical knowledge of many aspects of finance, 
  • articles on a variety of financial subjects written and published in various publications,
  • material written for presentations and courses to audiences with a variety of financial knowledge – from complete novices to seasoned finance professionals.

Whether you need an advert or a marketing document, a trade article or a financial statement, ACF can help you get your financial message across. 

See Dr Singh's profile on Journalist Directory (type: Permjit Singh in the Search Box)

Feedback on Dr Singh's writing:

    "...the content of your articles and your knowledge on the subject matter is very       good..." [Senior Editor]

  "Permjit, I read your article on "The challenging role of the Corporate Treasurer" and I found it very interesting"

“I must admit... that the articles are rather well written.” [Managing Editor]

"The article is very clear and well written and the subject is certainly relevant for JCTM’s readers." [Publisher]

" Hi Singh,
  I think it reads really well - lets
[sic] go with that." [Editor]