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Your company’s financing needs will change as it develops and restructures.  ACF can assist you in each stage of your formulation of a financing strategy, whether you're looking to start as a sole trader, a partnership, or SME. 

If you have no audited accounts or business plan, or have previous credit problems such bankruptcy, IVA or CCJs these will not necessarily provide an obstacle to obtaining financing as there are lenders in the market who can help. 

single invoice finance



Being an independent commercial finance broker, ACF has access to many financing sources and brokers to find the optimum financing solution, on the right terms and at the right price. 

ACF can obtain finance for many business needs where the asset provides security, or is used to release cash.  The asset type varies considerably, such as: an invoice, land, buildings, plant & machinery, and many others.

single invoice finance



ACF’s aim is to provide you with a decision in principle. 

Expert knowledge and advice could save you significant time and money over the term of the transaction by ensuring your needs are matched to the lender who offers you the best solution, at the right price and on the right terms.

single invoice finance

Why choose ACF?

independence ACF is able to find products and lenders that are right for you, unlike agents and representatives of lenders who can only promote their own products.
scope ACF is not limited to one product such as mortgages but can consider other products to find a better, integrated, solution for you.
time ACF will undertake the research and analysis to find the right product for you, freeing you to do what is most important to you: running your business.
speed A bank that has an established ‘cosy’ relationship with you might take advantage of this by not acting as quickly as it could knowing you are tied-in and so unlikely to move. ACF only gets paid on results so has an incentive to get results fast.
trust ACF is managed by Dr P Singh - an experienced financial services professional who has been a member of the UK Association of Corporate Treasurers and of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers
access ACF is available out of office hours such as evenings and weekends, which can make the difference between you clinching or losing a deal.

Click on the business finance types on the left for case studies that illustrate the benefits of using each type of finance and of using an independent broker such as ACF.


Regulatory Notice:

Applied Corporate Finance (ACF) is not authorised by the Financial Services Authority.  In relation to FSMA (2000) and subsequent revisions, this communication does not constitute: arranging a transaction in investments, making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments, a financial promotion, or an inducement or invitation to engage in a controlled activity or investment.  Where this communication is a financial promotion, it is exempt from the financial promotion restriction of FSMA 2000 because of article 19 of FSMA 2000 (financial promotion order 2005), i.e., a) the financial promotion is directed only at persons having professional experience in matters relating to investments and any investment or investment activity to which it relates is available only to such persons or will be engaged in only with such persons; b) in relation to the financial promotion, persons who do not have professional experience in matters relating to investments should not rely on it.  ACF is not authorised to give investment advice. If an organisation applies for specific financing, such financing will, where necessary, be arranged by or with the approval of, a person or firm that is authorised by the Financial Services Authority

single invoice finance