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Single Invoice Finance

 "ACF provide a prompt, efficient and friendly service that has helped us provide credit to

existing clients whilst increasing our own business cash flow. I would choose ACF over an overdraft or small business loan from any other source'. Paul Williams, PWR Media Limited, London"

Single invoice finance is the sale of a trade invoice by a business to enable that business to raise cash sooner than waiting for its debtor to pay the invoice. 

ACF will offer to buy one or more trade invoices off you, whether you're in business as a sole trader, partnership, or limited company.


With single invoice finance, over 90% of the face value may be paid to you up front. ACF receives the balance (a Discount) when your debtor settles (pays) the invoice. Settlement may be after 30, 60, 90, or other agreed number of days.

 ACF can arrange for the invoice purchase to be non-disclosed, i.e., purchased from you so that the debtor is not aware of the sale. Alternatively, the invoice purchase is fully disclosed. The invoice value that ACF has bought has ranged from £300 to £6000. The term to settlement has ranged from 28 days to 188 days.


ACF does not charge any upfront, ongoing, or termination fees.  There are at least TEN different types of fees that other invoice finance providers can charge.

There is no commitment at any time for you to sell an invoice to ACF.  

ACF's single invoice finance service to SMEs is therefore very flexible, transparent, quick, and simple. It provides you with cashflow as and when you want it.


ACF's single invoice finance service is designed to provide you with cashflow not credit protection against non-paying debtors. If your debtor fails to pay the invoice, ACF will sell the invoice back to you.  ACF might ask you to provide a personal guarantee.


To see how much you could receive for selling one or more of your invoices, simply contact ACF now on 07800 862499 or send an email to ACF in confidence and without cost or obligation to you. 


ACF will undertake a credit check of the debtor and your business to assess its credit risk but will not contact the debtor without your prior written consent.


Try single invoice finance today and get the cash you need.


To read about ACF's single invoice transactions read the ACF single invoice finance newsletter


Invest with ACF in SME single invoices

If you are a high net worth or a sophisticated investor you might be interested in investing with ACF in one or more SME invoices. To register your interest, read the Regulatory Notice below and if you qualify, click the I ACCEPT button to register as an investor. by registering you are under no obligation to invest and there is no fee for registration. Your details will be kept confidential and ACF will never sell them.

Regulatory Notice

ACF provides an information service to exchange data between SME invoice sellers and potential investors. It does not advise on the merits or risks of investment. ACF is not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. In relation to FSMA (2000) and subsequent revisions, this invitation to register, or any subsequent investment in an invoice by a registered investor, does not constitute: arranging a transaction in investments, making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments, a financial promotion, or an inducement or invitation to engage in a controlled activity or investment. 

Investment in invoices, whether sold by new or existing businesses, carries high risks as well as the possibility of high rewards. It is consequently speculative. Potential investors should be aware that no established market exists for the trading of SME invoices and such investments are not readily realisable. It must be appreciated that there could be difficulty in selling such invoices at a reasonable price and in some circumstances it may be difficult to sell them at any price. Similarly, there are risks of non-payment of an invoice. Accordingly, you should consider carefully whether such investments are suitable in the light of your circumstances and commitments and the financial resources available to you.

The ACF person, or persons, responsible for issuing information to SME investor is reliant upon the information provided by the SME invoice sellers or their agents and no independent verification or investigation is carried out by ACF.

Accordingly, no responsibility can be accepted by ACF for any damage or loss of whatsoever nature due to negligence, disclosure or non-disclosure or any cause occasioned by an investment in any SME invoice where the investment arises as a result of information provided by ACF. The function of ACF is solely to bring together prospective investors with SME invoice sellers and in consequence, ACF strongly recommends that all prospective investors make their own legal and other professional enquiries before proceeding with any investment.

This invitation to register is aimed solely at individuals who are either high net worth individals or sophisticated investors. 

By pressing the 'I ACCEPT' link below, you confirm that a) you have read and understood this Regulatory Notice and b) that you are either a high net worth individual or a sophisticated investor. (if you are unsure of your investor status, please read the regulatory definitions of a high net worth or sophisticated investor below).


Definitions of HNW and sophisticated investor

High Net Worth investor

I am a high net worth investor because at least one of the following applies:-

(a) I had, during the financial year immediately preceding the date below, an annual income to the value of £100,000 or more; or (b) I held, throughout the financial year immediately preceding the date below, net assets to the value of £250,000 or more.

“net assets” for these purposes do not include:- (i) the property which is my primary residence or any loan secured on that residence; (ii) any rights of mine under a qualifying contract of insurance within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001; or (iii) any benefits (in the form of pensions or otherwise) which are payable on the termination of my service or on my death or retirement and to which I am (or my dependants are), or may be, entitled.


Sophisticated Investor

I am a sophisticated investor because at least one of the following applies:-

(a) I am a member of a network or syndicate of business angels and have been so for at least the last six months prior to the date below; (b) I have made more than one investment in an unlisted company in the two years prior to the date below; (c) I am working, or have worked in the two years prior to the date below, in a professional capacity in the private equity sector, or in the provision of finance for small and medium enterprises; (d) I am currently, or have been in the two years prior to the date below, a director of a company with an annual turnover of at least £1 million.



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